February 24, 2016


Y'all! I got turned on to ePantry back in October when I took advantage of a great Mrs. Meyers deal they were offering (thanks to Natalie)! I signed up & got about $50 worth of my favorite products for only $20 (and it came with free shipping)! I'll be honest...I was a bit skeptical at first - I mean, couldn't I just buy these same cleaning products at our local grocery store? But, I've checked prices and double checked prices (at Bi-Lo and Publix) for these same products and nothing compares. Ummmmm with two littles and another almost here, it's also super convenient to have my favorite cleaning products delivered to.my.door.


One note: It is a subscription service that lets you hand pick cleaning supplies, so once you've put things in your "pantry" they stay there and are shipped to you on a monthly basis -- HOWEVER, you can change how often you receive a shipment. (*I don't get a shipment every month...at most every other month, but usually every 3 months.) You can also deactivate / reactivate your account as you like with no penalties or fees.

If you sign up using this link (ePantry) you get a $10 credit AND free shipping on your first order! Go ahead, you can thank me later. (:

PS -- This is not a sponsored post. I just love sharing good deals and ways to make your life easier!

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