May 13, 2016

childhood unplugged | water balloon fun











M recently gave us some water balloons & in an attempt to spend a few hours outside one morning this week I filled a bowl full of them & we spent a little while playing with them. Amos LOVED them ... Solomon (surprisingly) not so much. I loved watching Amos figure out different ways to bust them - my favorite: the slam dunk. Solomon was super sad when the first one he touched popped and wouldn't touch any more after that. I had a hard time making him understand that that was the fun of it when we try not to pop regular balloons (that you'll find floating around the house on any given day). Water balloons are definitely going to be in our rotation of things to play with this summer! 

We also LOVE bubbles around here. I've posted about playing with them before (here & here) -- seriously, if you're a mama and you and your littles don't play with bubbles on the reg, shame on you. (: Bubbles provide hours of cheap fun around here! AND let me let you in on this little secret: wet the deck / porch / bathroom floor (yes, we blow bubbles in the bathroom too) because bubbles will land on a wet surface and NOT pop! Score -- even MORE fun for your littles! You can thank me later! 

PS - What are fun outside things your littles are loving these days?! We're always searching for new fun things to do! 

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