May 23, 2016




reading: our trail blog book that i gave mike for Christmas a couple of years ago 

playing: at the park almost every day / night 

watching: The Hateful Eight 

trying: to drink (more) water 

cooking: no joke, hot dogs for dinner tonight 

eating: (still) dark chocolate covered espresso beans // Quest bars // (always) apple + pb 

drinking: black french pressed coffee 


calling: no one, currently 

texting: mikey & kayla jean 

pinning: ideas for the white house // things to see & do for our late summer girls trip

tweeting: still not tweeting...


crafting: recycled candles 

doing: work from home for a friend's office 

going: to the lake for a long weekend

loving: Trader Joe's

hating: that my littlest bud is colicky

discovering: new friends in our neighborhood 

enjoying: working on the white house with mikey 

hoping: the square photos i printed come in soon (thanks for the $10 off Parabo Press

celebrating: our newest niece, sweet Margaret Ellis Johnson (aka "May")


smelling: Capri Blue Volcano 

thanking: Mimi & M for hanging with the boys so Mike & I can work at the white house together

considering: simplifying our summer menu 

finishing: ship lap (hopefully tonight / tomorrow) at the white house & moving on to floors 

starting: to add more ideas to the tattoo mere worked up for me last summer 


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