February 16, 2017




reading: [starting] Present over Perfect 

playing: Alexi Murdoch, Ray LaMontagne & Amos Lee

trying: to make pack lists for 2 adults + 3 tiny humans for our upcoming trip

cooking: paleo coconut crusted chicken 

eating: roasted brussel sprouts, tortilla chips + homemade guacamole, anything dark chocolate 

drinking: coffee - currently, Starbucks Sumatra  


calling: haley & kayla jean 

texting: mikey re: lunch 

pinning: travel plans / house things (always) 

planning: finalizing plans for our trip (!) 


crafting: lately i've been painting for all of my friends that are having babies soon

doing: photo shoots (yay!) 

going: to the gym regularly again 

loving: progress across the board  

hating: this fickle weather!  

discovering: (maybe rediscovering) how amazing the Target dollah aisle is 

enjoying: playing travel agent for our trip 

hoping: that our first family vaca just us 5 is ah-mazing (!!) 

celebrating: sweet baby Della! 


smelling:  Capri Blue / Volcano & the fresh baby's breath 

thanking: Mikey for believing in my photography dreams & pushing me in that direction

considering: a hair cut. nothing dramatic, just an upkeep cut 

finishing: my first bullet journal of the year (currently using these

starting: to pack! 


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