February 7, 2017

martin band of brothers | january 2017




You three. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: you make me crazy and keep me sane at the same time. Our days are simple. I've loved being home in our white house with y'all lately. We're spending any warm days jumping on the trampoline and walking down to the "nature park" that's right up the street. We're having picnics and drawing ninja courses in the driveway. These are the best days, I'm sure of it. 

 My Mosie. You're incredibly smart. You love to learn. Right now you're into volcanoes, twisters, jumping on the trampoline, Ninja Warrior (always Ninja Warrior), and anything involving daddy. You can write the entire alphabet ("R" is my favorite), know characters on cartoons that I didn't now you knew, know mama's phone number (as does Solomon) and our address. 

Solly, my sweet, sweet Solly. Two is my favorite age on you. You're sweet, fun, spunky, taking so well, into anything Mosie is into and the sweetest big brother. You're actually also a wonderful little brother - helping Mosie, whenever he asks you to get something for him. You're super content to be by yourself but also love to play with your brothers. 

Ezra!! How are we a little over a month out from your first birthday!? You are the happiest baby around. You absolutely love Mosie and Solly. You wake up early with Solomon and are happy watching whatever show he chooses in the morning until Mama's had coffee. You're sleeping through the night for the most part (thank you child) and nap a couple of times a day. You love to be on the trampoline with the big boys & can hold your own when they get rowdy. You're a strong little guy. 

#martinbandofbrothers I love you. Plain & simple. Thank you for making our ordinary life an adventure, every single day. 

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