March 6, 2017

Rincón, Puerto Rico | Part 1








after two days in old san juan, we loaded up in our (awesome) red jeep and headed west to the surf town of rincón. this little beach town served as our home for the next week. we loved exploring the beaches -- sandy, steps, crash boat, pools, the marina, playa rincon, and playa boqueron -- swimming in the hot tub at Serenity, eating tons of great food and honestly, just being together. we found favorite eateries & favorite beaches, made friends with the locals & their kids, read, and made memories just the 5 of us that are sure to last a life time.

a few of my favorite things from our first days in rincón: catching the sunset at steps beach the first night, finding sea glass with mooshka, piña coladas & the boys playing with their matchbox cars 

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  1. these memories are pure gold. bravo to you and mike for showing them the world!