March 31, 2017

a Charleston getaway











we're just back from our quarterly nights of sleep at the old village post house in old mount pleasant. thanks to a schedule that's a little more free these days, we took monday - wednesday and ventured down to the coast, just the two of us. we chatted in the car, uninterrupted, for hours. we slept and rested. we spent a little time on the beach, soaking in the salty air, while mikey read the return of the native. we treated ourselves to Beauty & the Beast (the late showing) and had appetizers at Mex 1 & small plates at Harold's Cabin. mikey went for a 26 mile run & then we had 90 minute massages (thanks mom for the Christmas gift!). i'd say we squeezed every drop from these few days that we possibly could. 

mike and i truly believe in getting away without our kiddos to just be us for a few nights whenever we can. it's refreshing and restoring on a soul level. it brings fresh perspective and happy hearts. it makes us better friends, a better husband & wife, better parents. 

cheers to the weekend, friends! i hope it's full of all the things you love the most. 

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  1. you two are such good examples of being partners first, then parents. no doubt your children benefit from your strong & maintained foundation. i truly believe that a happy, healthy marriage -- both for daily life and the example it sets -- is the best gift we can give our babes. thank you for modeling this for me!