May 22, 2017




reading: notta 

playing: Ray LaMontagne (on Pandora) 

watching: Sherlock (the newest season!) 

trying: to organize stuff for the yard sale @ Connor & Dusti's this weekend 

cooking: lots of burgers ... needing new ideas for the summer! 

eating: peanut butter + apples & peanut butter RX bars

drinking: Coke Zero & coffee 


calling: no one 

texting:  haley, amber & ashton

pinning: New England road trip ideas for this summer 

planning: our long NYC weekend with Chris & Alexa


crafting: nothing lately 

doing: editing the sweetest prom photo shoot 

going: to enjoy a weekend of no diaper changing (!!) 

loving: that Solomon is finally interested in potty training 

hating: that Solomon is finally interested in potty training (haha) 

discovering: that baby bump no. 4 is already saying helllllloooo 

enjoying: summer weather & evening walks with all of my boys 

hoping: for a laundry fairy to move in with me ... so.much.laundry.all.the.time 

celebrating: lots of new babies in our tribe 


smelling: summer rain 

thanking: amos for sleeping in his bed all night, every night for the past several weeks 

considering:  renting our house on airbnb (some) this summer

finishing: work on the bathrooms at our white house (whoooohooooo)  

starting: to finally get over the nighttime nausea 


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