May 16, 2017

martin band of brothers | may 2017


Amos 4.5
Solomon closer to 3 than 2
Ez 14 months 

You boys are the delight of my heart. We're in such a fun season with you all right now. Ez, you're almost walking. You're snuggly and so full of joy. You love to be outside, period. Solomon, my little lover boy. You tell me, "mama, i wuv you" all day long...and that you'll take care of me when I'm old. You're crazy brave and keep us on our toes. I'm honestly surprised we haven't had an ER trip for you yet (knock on wood). Mosie, you know all there is to know about volcanoes. You can tell us what states / countries have them, what the types are, all about the explosions...can we just have a volcano school project already?! You're so smart. We really love watching your little mind work. Sometimes we forget that you're only 4.5 (and not a teenager / adult) because of your facial expressions, understanding of things like sarcasm and your reasoning / bargaining skills. 

I love you boys to the moon and back. 

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