August 6, 2010

7.12 through 7.17

July 12
Red Jalapeno

July 13
transplanted rosemary
(i'm really excited about this little guy bein' on our new awesome back porch!)

July 14
new tire on the motorcycle..we're back in business!

July 15
Mom's birthday celebration. However---mom didn't turn 50, she turned 48. But, since she's such a HUGE practical joker, we (the kids) thought it'd be hilarious to get a cake with "Happy 50th Birthday Mom" on it! ... Joke's on her! haha!

July 16
Mike & I went to the movies & found EIGHT of these huge, beautiful, glorious windows in a dumpster. You better believe we were dumpster diving for these babies! i LOVE them. i'm going to make a table out of a couple of them, take a couple to the lake house (painted with chalk-board paint in the panes)...and find something good to do with the others!

July 17
Me & Mike at Elizabeth & Steven's wedding

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