August 13, 2010

butterscotch tastes like fall

we've moved. we're still getting settled into our new spot - but for the most part, we've moved. (there are a few things back at Boyce--like Mike's clothes and my plants..haha, nothing else though) i'm enjoying our new space...even though i'm still stepping over boxes and the stair railing and all of the kitchen pots. to me it feels more home-y. maybe it's the carpet. maybe it's that our bedroom isn't just another room in the house. maybe it's that we have our own back porch. maybe it's just that it's ours.

i'm having a hard time studying. i really need to get a move on it. i have 10 chapters left in this huge text book and while i'm enjoying what i'm learning, it is a lot and it's still studying.

my 1/2 marathon training is coming along. i ran 6.83 miles two nights ago at an 8:20 pace. not bad -- i was really pleased with this especially since that's 1/2 of the total distance! i hope i can keep that pace for 13 miles. i have 70 days left to keep training. that seems like forever, but i'm sure i'll be getting up on Oct. 24 thinking "i wish i'd had more time to train!"
(oh yea, here are the new shoes i'm getting--i'm stoked)

after work today (in two hours to be exact) we are lake bound! i am excited about the lake this weekend. as kayla said just this week, "the real world is getting in the way of my tan." we were supposed to go last weekend and couldn't make it happen. i think mike and i both need the time away from everything that's still packed up...and of course, good time with Matt, Amanda, David.

fall is coming. not quickly though, like summer did. once it got hot, it got hot! i can tell though, because the air isn't suffocating when you go outside. i had a (sugar free) werther's orginal after lunch today and it tasted like fall. it made me long for it deeply. fall is by far my favorite season -- the smells, the colors, the crunchy leaves, the crisp air, the weekend trips. i love it all, and i want it to be here now. i hope for us it's a time of refreshment and a time to slow down and really enjoy life. not that we aren't enjoying life now, but it's zipping by. we haven't had time to slow down and just enjoy being married. hopefully that time is coming with fall.

on wednesday i made homemade bagels. if i can say so..they were pretty bang-up. i think mike ate all but 2 of them in one day. (: i've decided i'm going to back something new every week (i'd love to make something new every day, but i'm sure it won't happen, so i'll settle for once a week). i'm new to breads, but i like making them. i'd really like a bread maker, but it's not in budget, so i'll settle for our new (new to us) oven.

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