August 2, 2010

...august keeps crying and she don't know why...

tomorrow marks 10 months of being married to my best friend. only two to go and we'll be celebrating a year. where has it gone? this time last year we were haulin' tail (literally) trying to get all of the trees out of my parents yard so we could have an outside reception. we did it and it was absolutely wonderful.

i have become addicted to several blogs (check out my daily reads). i love finding new recipes, finding DIYs (we're moving & i have several crafts in mind..more on that in a bit) and just reading about other peoples lives

i am also obsessed with ETSY. i bought some OWL i earrings and am eagerly awaiting them in the mail (mike thinks my bird fascination is weird, but i truely love them)

i / we (mostly me) am traing for a 1/2 marathon in October. this is week 3 in the training -- three runs btw 3-5 miles each
i can do this. i can do this...

i am looking forward to couple of days at the lake with Matt, Amanda & David Tingle. I love them dearly.

we are moving on sunday. mike said he'll be sad to leave our first home..i am indifferent. moving out means:
     getting rid of the moldy ceiling
     getting new neighbors (and rid of the old in particular)
     getting a new address
     having more space (an extra bedroom and sweet back porch!)
     moving forward.together.

oh yea, i am studying for my personal trainer certification (: i am super excited about it, even though i am having to study again. i've found that it's a lot easier when i'm only studying for one thing

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