September 20, 2010

September 1 through September 8

September 1
I saw this HUGE mushroom when I started out on a run. The group of them was glistening in the sun from the dew. When I got back from my run the dew was dried up, but it's beautiful just the same.

Sept. 2

One of my favorites. Beautiful (:

September 3

David. He's my favorite. 

Sept. 4

Labor Day Weekend Festivities at the Lake!

Sept. 5

Dried hydrangeas at the lake. 

Sept. 6

I'm not even lying. This is absolutely the BIGGEST grub I've ever seen. He was beautiful! 
For all you science brains:
Common Name: Luna moth

Scientific Name: Actias luna (Linnaeus) 

Order: Lepidoptera

Sept. 7
The beginning to homemade peanut logs. (Check out the previous post) The nougat filling was super simple! (and delicious!)

Sept. 8

The finished product! 

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