September 8, 2010


Happy Wodensday AKA Hump Day (: 

Today has been one of the busiest most productive days I've had in a long time. It started at 5:25AM..yes, that's AM people. I was up so early because I had a "2nd interview," if you will, at a gym fitness facility (it really isn't a gym like you're picturing) and got to train with one of the trainers there. He about killed me. There were 3 of us in the group and I was lucky enough to get to work out with a man who is training to go into the navy. ARE.YOU.KIDDING?! haha! I'm not going to lie, it was an awesome workout, and it was over by 7:10. (:

Since today was my day off, I came home and fixed breakfast for Mike & myself, then lazed about until around 9. I needed to run errands - with the purpose of getting a scrub brush to scrub our back porch. It's painted a shade of tan right now that matches the siding of the house so we are painting it a chocolaty brown - but it is pretty gross with mildew, so I set out to find a scrub brush. The little feed and seed store (shop local, right?) had nothing in the way of a scrub brush, so I detoured on my way to WalMart to Hobby Lobby. (hey, it was on the way..almost) I wanted something fallish to decorate with, but all I came home with was a wooden "M" to hang in the den. It's pretty plain and simple - I got it with the intentions of painting it - but I'm not sure what color (I'm thinking gold). I may leave it wooden though. However, I came home with a bag of loot from WalMart! 2 fall smelling candles, a spiral bound notebook (for my training course this weekend) and tons and tons of junk food for my dad, Carson & Mike for their Canada Trip this upcoming week.

Upon arrival back to the house, I promptly lit my new candles (who doesn't do that immediately?!) and started lunch so it'd be ready when Mike came home. While I was patiently waiting for Mike to get home I finished the peanut rolls that I've been making for my dad for the trip. They are YUMMY. I found the recipe on line and decided that since Mike & Carson put in requests I would surprise dad with something he loves. Plus, he'd never request anything anyway.

After lunch I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Since I'll be gone this weekend to Athens for my "Personal Fitness Trainer" Certification and Mike is leaving for Canada..I figured it might as well get done now. Man, I forgot how much cleaning there is if you do it all at once! Oh well, it's alllll done! (well, all but one load of laundry that's still in the dryer) I also scrubbed about half of the back porch, but stopped since I was on my hands and knees using clorox and water. An hour of scrubbing was plenty. I'm pretty sure I breathed in my quota of clorox fumes for the year. And I was outside.

I think I hear "Flushed Away" starting without me. As much as I don't want to. I've obviously put if off all day. But, I must.

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