February 3, 2012

more book reviews

Here are the other 2 book reviews from the last of the books I finished in January:

Suzanne Collins

Seriously, this book is as good as the first in the series. Sometimes that's hard to do. Since I had a Book Club book to finish by a certain day I had to force myself to put this one down and pick the other up. [*Spoiler Alert*] Catching Fire continues to follow Katniss Everdeen, the main character from The Hunger Games. Obviously since it's still following Katniss, she had to have won the Games in the last book. However...there was a twist, that I won't give away. In Catching Fire we learn of the Quarter Quell -- basically the Capitol puts on another Game every 25 years as a reminder to the 12 districts of how helpless they really are. This Quarter Quell marks the 75th year and after Katniss' victory in the last Games, the Capitol wants revenge. This Game is even more intense than the first as the arena is completely different and way more complex. But, yet again, there's a twist that definitely keeps you on your toes, asking what in the world is going on. By the end of the book I was reminded of the movie Taken. If you've seen the movie, then you know what I mean. Justified Revenge. Anyway, I'd really like to go on and on about this book...but I'm afraid I'll ruin if for those of you who want to read it! Maybe after the 1st movie comes out I'll come back and do a full out detailed review!

Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

This was our 1st Book Club book! Since I was reading Catching Fire at the same time I sort of had to make myself read this one. However, once I got into it, I really started to enjoy it. Heaven is For Real is about an at-the-time 4 year old little boy named Colton who goes to heaven. Ultimately his appendix ruptured, but the doctors were very late in diagnosing it as that. He was rushed into emergency surgery and it's during that time that he goes to heaven, although the medical records never indicate that he died. This book raised a lot of spiritual questions for me [which I suppose is a good thing since it isn't the Bible and doesn't contain absolute Truth]. Our Book Club questioned whether the dad, a pastor in Nebraska, had any influence over his son's story or if he fabricated anything. Either way, it was a light, quick read. Some of the girls in our group even finished it in one sitting! The two things I enjoyed most were Colton's descriptions of heaven and Jesus and the use of scripture to back up what was being said about what he saw.  It was also neat that this book actually fit right in with what we've been studying at Grace on being forever people! [You can check out the Forever series here - it might just rock your world!]

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