February 2, 2012

january recap

January gave us a running start into this New Year. Mike & I decided to join a gym and ended up picking 4Balance Fitness [you'll remember them from here]. It's a gym with a cross / mixture of group personal training and cross fit. I love it. We go 3x a week basically to have our butts handed to us for an hour. I'm not lying, it's glorious. I might be one of those weird people who likes to be yelled at and pushed until I'm going beyond what I thought were my limits. I might like to sweat. I might like the way it makes me feel to be super active at least 3x a week. [I'm sure my neighbor Jason is gagging right now...] Maybe I should be using my personal trainer certification!

I also joined / started a book club. Between the club and my personal reading list I've already read 6 books. You can read my review of Kisses from Katie and The School of Essential Ingredients here. The other 4 books I've completed are: The Treasure Principle, Heaven is For Real, The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. That's a pretty darn good start for the year! Book Reviews for Heaven is For Real and Catching Fire will be up soon.

We ate like a king and queen twice this month! We enjoyed celebrating Bryan's birthday at Devreaux's during restaurant week. YUM! It was nice to eat somewhere we typically wouldn't choose [because of price] while celebrating a sweet friend! And, we got to go to Stella's [our favorite] with Mimi and Papa. Seriously, what a treat!

Renovations on the house have slowed down to a crawl. You know the saying "Slow as molasses in January..." Yea, that's how fast it feels we're getting things done now that we're living in the house. Here's what has gotten done: the den is painted and we have minimal furniture [a couch and coffee table]. The guest room has blinds and a bedside table [the bed was already in there and curtains are waiting to go up]. The bathroom has a curtain over the window so we can shower [up until this happened we had to take baths because we didn't want to get the wood on the window wet]. The dining room also got curtains [thanks Honey!]. The nook walls are almost finished! And, last but definitely not least, we got kitchen counter tops made and installed! Okay - now that I'm looking at all of this it doesn't seem like we haven't gotten much done. Slow and steady progress is hard to see when you live in it! Don't worry, pictures are coming! (:

Putting on the last of the pulls / knobs

antique pulls / knobs

Installation: Step 1

we salvaged the original sink!

the "little" guysLook at all that counter space!

*A before & after post of the kitchen will be in order very soon!

We've got big plans in the making for the upcoming months including: a Missions Training Trip with Grace, Mikey's 25th birthday celebration, a possible ski trip out west, and a weekend trip to New York with my cousin Amber to visit Alexa! (: To say I'm looking forward to these things is an understatement!


  1. The house is looking GREAT!!!! I hope you and Mike are doing well -- we miss you guys! Mom and I were talking about how much we miss all of y'all being around.

  2. Love the kitchen! Y'all are doing such a great job!

  3. Progress seems slow only because you are there every day. Look at all the things you listed as accomplishments in January...in addition to working full time jobs, church, volunteering, time with family and friends, exercising, reading, Bible study, etc. Whoa!!!! Great job!!!! You are making extremely wonderful progress.