January 31, 2012

Couponing Part 2

My couponing venture was thrown off this week because Food Lion by our house was closing down and EVERYTHING was 50% off!! So - I headed over there [three times actually] and stocked up on things like: canned veggies, dried fruit, snacks, whole wheat flour, quinoa, gluten free cookie mix and coffee. There actually wasn't very much left by the time I made it because I went after work [my first trip was a no-go because I got there at 7PM and they'd closed at 6PM]. Everything was definitely picked over, but it was worth my time because we're stocked up for at least a month! And - I got everything for about $120 [so $240 worth of groceries]!

I did go to Publix last night for a few items [Food Lion was totally out of dairy products, produce and meat]. Here's how I came out:

Publix tea: $2.59
Publix Salad: $2.00 [saved $0.99]
Voskos Yogurt x3: $3.75 [saved $0.75]
Old Spice Deodorant: $3.49 [saved $1.00]
Pillsbury Wheat Grands: $1.00 [manufacturer coupon -$0.50 / doubled to $1.00 = free]
Pillsbury Wheat Grands: $1.00 [manufacturer coupon -$0.50 / doubled to $1.00 = free]
Apples: $2.65
Dean's Dip x2: $3.90 [2 store coupons -$1.00 each / 2 manufacturer coupons -$1.00 each = free]
Raspberries: $2.50 [[manufacturer coupon -$0.50 / doubled to $1.00 = $1.50]

Total Spent: $17.09
Total Saved: $12.41
Percent Saved: 42.06%
After looking at my receipt, I realized that I gave them 2 more -$1.00 coupons for the Voskos yogurt that didn't get scanned. I'll be honest, it seems like every.single.time I go to the grocery store [and it doesn't matter which one] I have problems with coupons. It's beyond frustrating! Ugh!!!!
However, I'm pleased with the 42%.  Much better than my typical 35[ish]% I'd say! I'm still working towards that goal of 50% savings. Bi-Lo & Publix are both putting out a new ad with deals starting tomorrow, so instead of rushing to Bi-Lo when I know they haven't re-stocked the shelves for last weeks deals, I'll just wait and make a list for this new ad. I'll keep you posted!

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