January 5, 2012


This is not the "year of me" as I've seen so many people claiming it to be. The last thing I need is more time focused on myself. Sure, I have things that I want to do for me - like get in shape [do not roll your eyes and scoff like I've seen and heard you do when I say this], read more, cook more, vacation to the ends of the world. But, I want to focus less on me, and more on Him [John 3:30]. If I can turn my eyes from myself and this temporal world, I'm quite sure that I'll see and learn and do more things than I could ever imagine. My hope is that at the end of twenty.twelve I will be a completely different person than I am here at the beginning. I want this to be a year of unimaginable growth. I want to be challenged and stretched and pushed and pulled to be a better me, reflecting more of who I am in my Savior and less of who I am by myself. I hope that I can stop living on the edge of comfort and run with wreckless abandon to do the things I know Mikey & I are being called to do. Last year, our "year of adventure" as I'm calling it was priceless - 2012, you have a lot to live up to! [Bring.It.On]

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