April 13, 2012

Travel List Challenge

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I LOVE to travel. Seriously, I don’t care where I’m going or what for, I just love to travel. Thankfully for me, my Mikey loves to travel as much as I do. Together we’ve been to Costa Rica twice, on a cruise with the Martins to the Bahamas, walked from GA to NY together, climbed Mt. Katahdin with Loop at the end of the AT, been on a mission trip with Grace to Eluethra, and skied out in Crested Butte 3 times. It may not seem like much, but we’re working on our 3rd year of marriage, people! We’ve also been to the beach / coast of SC several times and while I count that as traveling [you do have to pack a bag!] I know most people probably wouldn’t count that. We’re currently working on an anniversary trip for our 3rd anniversary this year! We aren’t quite settled on where we’re going, but have a pretty good idea—more on that later! AND – I have a weekend trip coming up in May to visit my sweet friend Alexa in New York with my soon-to-be-married cousin, Amber! To say I’m excited for this getaway girl’s weekend is an understatement! (:
I found this Travel List Challenge and thought for sure I’d have been to more places than I have! There are a couple of places that I’ve been awfully close to, but not actually in – so I didn’t count those. This literally makes me want to pack my bag and buy an “around the world” plane ticket…do those even exist?! As soon as I checked through the list I told Mike that my passport was itchin' for another stamp, and soon! Check out the list … Where have you been that I haven’t and is it worth it!? Any recommendations from the list that are a “must see?”  (Or any that aren’t on the list?!)

Travel List Challenge:

San Antonio, Texas, USA
Granada, Spain
Angkor, Cambodia
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
London, England
London, England
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Seville, Spain
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Rome, Italy
Oregon, USA
California, USA
Wyoming, USA
Jerusalem, Israel
Edinburgh, Scotland
Paris, France
New York City, New York, USA
Beijing, China
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Alaska, USA
Montana, USA
New Zealand
San Francisco, California, USA
Venice, Italy
Arizona, USA
Saudi Arabia
Queensland, Australia
Córdoba, Spain
Istanbul, Turkey
Hawaii, USA
Hollywood, Califonia, USA
Argentina and Brazil
Kyoto, Japan
Moscow, Russia
Barcelona, Spain
Las Vegas, Nevada
Pisa, Italy
Paris, France
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
New York City, New York, USA
Keystone, South Dakota, USA
California, USA
New York, USA
Paris, France
British Columbia, Canada
Nice, France
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Portland, Maine, USA
Madrid, Spain
California, USA
Athens, Greece
Pompei, Italy
Barcelona, Spain
Chicago, Illlinois, USA
Czech Republic
Vatican City, Italy
Washington, D.C., USA
Seattle, Washington, USA
Vatican City, Italy
New York City, New York, USA
Wiltshire County, England
Sydney, Australia
Agra, India
Kyoto, Japan
Hong Kong, China
New York City, New York, USA
Uttar Pradesh, India
Jerusalem, Israel
Orlando, Florida
Washington, D.C., USA
Dover, England
Washington, D.C., USA
Hampshire, England
California, USA
Utah, USA

Here a just a few pictures from some of the places I've checked off the list! (:

the arch!
the Gateway Arch
on our way back from skiing in CB for Spring Break 2009 

Time Square
Times Square, NY 

Me & My Best in the Coliseum in Rome 2007

Sarah, me & Melissa in Pompeii - 2007

the Grand Canal - Venice, Italy 

on top of the MET
on top of the MET - Summer 2011

light house in maine
this isn't the Portland Head Lighthouse [I went before I had a fancy camera, so those pictures are definitely not on my computer -- but it was close enough] 


  1. Interestingly,a number of the sites are in the British Isles. Scotland and England can be traveled by motor car. London is basically just a big city, but the rest of England and Scotland have lots to offer. We would like to tour Ireland or Wales. Also, the people speak the same language, more or less! OD

  2. Megan, I just love you. We need to travel together--seriously! I love reading about your to-dos! :)

  3. Have you heard of the Local Challenge? It creates a 50 list challenge of places in your local area. There is also a New York Challenge, a London Challenge and others. It's pretty awesome!