April 25, 2012

window boxes

We're still working on the house. We'll probably always be working on the house. Now that the weather is nice outside Mike has been itchin' to get some work done on the outside of the house [never mind that we still have painting and windows to trim on the inside...boys (:]. Last Saturday Mike's g-ma, Gram treated us to lunch and then went plant shopping with us. We had a gift card and some of Mike's birthday money in pocket so we headed over to Martin's Nursery to see what we could find! Our knowledge of plants is slim nonexistent, so after wandering around for a few minutes we snagged an employee and got a little help. He basically told us if something was sitting out in the sun it was a "full exposure" plant, meaning that it can stand to be in the sun for long periods of time. Excellent. The front of our house has NO shade, so we needed a lot of these puppies. We ended up with some purples, yellows and whites along with some herbs. We are ecstatic with how they turned out! With a little watering and the rain that we've gotten they're growing beautifully! Next up on the "outside list" - shutters. 

side window

freshly planted window boxes

pretty little purples

Sweet Gram!

*this last picture is Gram workin' hard ... it has been so neat to have her help us work on this house -- the house that she raised her family in! (: 

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