October 19, 2012

babymoon part 1: a day of exploring

let the exploring begin!

front porch view

view from the river

shelf lichen


upstairs balconyclimbing!


the pocotaligo river

in the gazebo!

cotton hall plantation

mikey climbing!

the entrance to tomotley plantation

the Old Sheldon church


us inside the ruins!

Our babymoon officially began today! One last vacation with no kiddos to leave behind - or to bring with us. Don't get me wrong...we're beyond excited about vacations with our kids - but we wanted to take advantage of having time just the 2 of us because let's be honest, who knows when that'll happen again without a total alignment of the stars being necessary?! Maybe I'm being dramatic? (: 

Anyway, the day began with a breakfast of Dunkin' and a trip down 17 towards Beaufort, SC. We ventured to Bindon Plantation where Mike's family spent many weeks of summer vacation when he was growing up. We walked the dirt driveway while Mike reminisced about these vacations and I simply enjoyed hearing a little more about a place and memories that are so dear to him. Many times throughout the day I wished Bindon was still in working order so we could bring our chil'ens to this place that's so special to him. We decided that we'd just have to find another place like it! 

After a few hours at Bindon, we crossed 17 to what I'd call a back road and passed a couple driveways that led to plantations that are privately owned today. After a short conflicted moment, we decided to drive down one of the driveways to see if we could explore (with permission). The worst they could say was "no." We started at Cotton Hall Plantation where we met BH (the property manager) who gave us the go ahead to look around the property. We were then given a quick tour and a history lesson about the house, property and family and access to the next plantation over, Tomotley Plantation. We drove around that property for a few minutes, but couldn't find anyone to explain who we were to so we decided to leave and head over The Old Sheldon Church Ruins. After taking some pictures and thoroughly checkin' out the place we headed into downtown Beaufort for a late lunch and some walkin' around. 

Here's to exploring old things and new things and to set aside time together! (: 


  1. love these! so sweet to spend your babymoon in a place special to mike and for you to learn a little bit more about the man you married :)


  2. It is sad to see Bindon being let go to eventual ruin. You should have taken your tent/camper. It does not appear that anyone would have bothered you if you had camped out in the yard.