October 3, 2012

34 weeks

34 weeks = butternut squash

How far along? 34 weeks + 5 days 
Weight gain: 17.2# total  
Maternity clothes: Some - but (to my surprise) my regular pre-pregnancy jeans still fit, so I'm wearing those again too (I had put them away thinking that it'd be a while before I fit into them again - but in struggling to find something to wear recently I pulled out my favorite pre-preggers jeans and tried them on, "just for fun." Well, they still fit, so I'm going to keep wearing them!)
Sleep: sleeping great!
Best moment(s) this week: getting a little more of the house finished in preparation for Baby M and seeing the changing table that my dad is building for us!
Movement: lots - as always
Food cravings: nothing, thank goodness 
Symptoms: I'm knocking on wood - the heartburn has been MUCH better lately! Whoop whoop! 
Gender prediction: I've got nothing and Mike has dreamed both lately ...
Labor signs: nothing
Stretch marks: nope
Belly button in or out: outtie
Looking forward to: Our 3 year anniversary (TODAY!), the 10th annual Laurens Hope Foundation 5K, our maternity shoot and my cousin's upcoming wedding!
Random facts about Baby M: According to The Bump Baby M is still in the 4.2-5.8 pound range and is 17.2-18.7" long...or the size of a butternut squash! Baby M is now able to respond to simple songs--or in our case, reading! We are still reading Cannery Row (and have added the Jesus Storybook Bible) to this little one and it definitely responds with lots of wiggles when we do! 

34 weeks (:34 weeks!!


  1. You look beautiful! And you are cracking me up with your prepreggers jeans.

    One. Hot. Mamma.

    That baby is looking ripe in there. Only a few more weeks to go! Woohoo!

  2. Megan, You are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing these updates. And I'm reaaallly excited. Can't wait to meet this baby.

  3. Great idea! I am SO impressed:)