January 25, 2013

today's letters

(In honor of my new favorite blog):

Dear Mr. Martin, thanks for looking out for me & the lil guy. While you're slaving your arse off working a real job, we're lounging in our pjs with no make up on (well, me, not the lil guy of course). You're a stud. Dear January, will you make up your mind? 30 degrees and snow / sleet tomorrow and 68 degrees next week. Just dump this winter business and bring us a spring! Dear trash truck, today is trash pick up day...where are you? Dear 'Mos, thanks for the continual smiles, for sleeping 7.5 hours last night, and for being a stud like ya daddy. Dear Mikey, I can wait for our road trip this weekend! Maybe we'll find snow, antique shops, DDP & dessert (it's not technically a cheat if we're not in the state), a new car, good conversation & a day just the 2 of us?!

Love you bigger than the sky!

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