January 10, 2013

month two

amos 2 months

Sweet baby Amos you're two months old! Where has the time gone?!

Amos, you're still a great baby. Just recently you've started sleeping between 4.5-5.5 hours consistently at night (I purposefully keep you up 'til midnight or 1am so that stretch lasts until a reasonable hour in the morning.) And just last night you slept seven hours straight! In order to get that long stretch we cluster feed from 7:30(ish) - 12am. After the 1st time you slept 5.5 hours I told your daddy that I felt like I could take on the world! You typically have some really good awake time during the mornings & have a good long nap in the afternoon. However, over the past few days you've only had 40 minute cat naps throughout the day. I hope that means you'll be sleeping through the night more often! You're a little champ when it comes to sleeping in the middle of chaos too. We knew this would be important with as much as we usually have going on! 

For the most part you eat every 3 hours..but we still have some days where I feel like all you do is eat. You're growing like a weed for sure! Pretty soon you'll have outgrown your newborn clothes (which makes mama sad!) & we'll have a whole new wardrobe of 3 month old sized clothes. I am excited for a few outfits that are particularly boyish and not so babyish. Frequently when you nurse you stroke my side with your sweet little hand and it makes my heart so happy. 

You're a strong boy. You hold your little head up extremely well & like to look from side to side to see what's going on (your daddy calls you his periscope). You still love lights ... it's the cutest thing to take you somewhere with any sort of overhead light. We frequently joke that if you had wings you'd fly right into the lights! You also like to move a LOT (bouncing, swaying, swinging, etc.). I'm currently sitting in Starbucks with you laying on my lap swaying you back & forth to keep you content! You smile in response to us now - not too much, but enough for us to try over & over to get you to smile! You spent your first New Year @ the lake with the whole Martin / Tingle / Johnsen clan! And, you've seen 2 movies in the theaters (because I'm a crazy woman): Breaking Dawn & The Hobbit. One of my favorite things to do with you at home is to dance to whatever music is on or whatever is playing in my head at the time in the kitchen. I hope as you get older you'll always dance with me! 

We're also waiting on Baby Lucas Knox - your only baby boy friend yet! Hurry up, Luke...we're growing impatient! (: 

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