May 21, 2013

month six

happy half birthday, little one
seriously, i can't believe that we're already celebrating your half birthday! you'll learn quickly that birthdays are a BIG deal to your mama, so we celebrate half birthdays around here too. (: 

at your 6 month check up you weighed 17#10oz, measured 26.8" long! what a big boy you're getting to be. 

in this past month you stayed with Mimi and Papa (and Mere) for your longest stay away from mama and daddy-o yet (for the crazy Palmetto 200). you also (ad)ventured to St. Augustine, FL for a reunion with 2 of mama's very best friends, aunt Melissa and aunt Carolyn. you're a little beach bum. you hung out in the sun (well, under the umbrella) with us girls for hours, took a dip in the chilly ocean (and didn't mind that it was cool) and were a champ in the heated pool! i can't wait for our very first summer together -- swimming pool dates at honey's and gram's, tractor rides with OD and Pop, daily walks with mama, lunch dates at the park with daddy-o, and so much more. 

you are on.the.move! you like to roll and roll and roll. on Haley's birthday (May 5) you actually sat by yourself for the very first time! it was only for a few seconds, but since then you've gotten much better (by May 17 you've really gotten the hang of it).

love you to the moon, mighty moose 


  1. cannot even believe it's been 6 months. his personality is shining through—and he's really looking like haley!

  2. Sweet MIGHTY MOOSE! So good to see your sweet face! Can't believe how big you're getting. Every time I see you I think it's impossible that you could get cuter...but you do! I love you!