July 3, 2014

bump progress: welcome to the third trimester(!) | baby m2

25 weeks + 1 day
[25 weeks + 5 days with Amos]

26 weeks + 3 days
[26 weeks + 3 days with Amos]
27 weeks + 2 days
[27 weeks + 5 days with Amos]

28 weeks + 1 day
[28 weeks + 3 days with Amos

How far along? Glory, glory! We've made it to the 3rd trimester! 28 weeks + 4 days
Sleep: sleeping great 
Best Moment this week: hearing wee one's heart beat at our 28 week appointment 
Movement: Still movin' & groovin'  
Symptoms: The heartburn is back...dun, dun, dun... 
Food cravings: nothing, thank goodness  
Gender prediction: still guessing boy
Labor signs: Still having some Braxton-Hixx contractions
Belly button in or out: outtie  
Looking forward to: (1) a LONG weekend with my boys! (2) working on the nursery this weekend (getting the crib painted, desk moved out, finding a rug, etc.) (3) Amber & Tyler's gender reveal next week! (:  
Random facts about Baby M2: According to The Bump baby still weighs between 1.5-2.5 pounds and is still 13.6-14.8 inches long (but has moved from a rutabaga to an 2eggplant), but is now developing more fat. Also, Baby M's lungs are developed enough that chances of survival are greatly increased if it were born now!  

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