August 15, 2012

27 weeks

sweet baby M
[this may be one of my very favorite pictures so far]

How far along? 27 weeks + 5 days - Welcome to the THIRD TRIMESTER!!
Sleep: sleeping great (:
Best moment(s) this week: By far the highlight of this pregnancy has been the 3D ultrasound! Mike & I saw our sweet baby last Thursday night for the first time in a month and a half (and probably the last time until it's born!)...this was seriously such a treat!
Movement: still going strong!
Food cravings: nothing
Symptoms: Heartburn. Heartburn. And more heartburn. There aren't enough TUMS this side of the Mississippi to help me.
Gender prediction: I've been feeling boy lately, and have dreamed that it was a boy again (this makes 4 baby boy dreams now...). 
Labor signs: nope!
Stretch marks: none 
Belly button in or out: it's still really flat
Looking forward to: Baby M's shower this weekend!!! And, planning a baby-moon (:
Random facts about Baby M: *Side note from last week's random fact that its eyes would soon be opening and closing -- well at the 3D ultrasound its eyes were opening and closing!! The tech said she thought maybe we were a little farther along than we'd originally thought -- I plan on mentioning this to the OB at my 28 wk appt. this week to see what her thoughts are! Baby is still in the 13.6-14.8" long & 1.5-2.5lb range, but has somehow transformed to the size of a rutabaga?! Wee one is also practicing breathing!

3rd trimester!!!

27 weeks!

mmmm i love that face already! 

baby 1
and that sweet profile!
baby 3
yawning (the stinker yawned the entire time we were watching)
baby 4
sticking out its tongue (:


  1. look at that BABY!!! ahhhhh i have butterflies. so amazing.