August 22, 2012

Showering Baby Martin

This past weekend was Baby Martin's first baby shower! (Not including the awesome surprise shower thrown by the ladies in my community group!) Melbert and Carolyn have been 2 of my very best friends for a super long time now - we've gone from rec softball, to high school sleepovers, to being roomies at Clemson, to celebrating weddings, to now celebrating babies together! I love these girls like the day is long and am so thankful for the shower they threw me and Baby M (and Mikey)! My heart is overwhelmed by the support and encouragement that we've already been shown throughout this pregnancy. And, it brings me joy to know how much our sweet little one is already loved (and spoiled). One of my very favorite things from the shower was the fact that it included starting Baby Martin's library! Melissa and Carolyn know both me and Mike all too well and knew that we are already reading to Baby M and that a book collection is going to be essential this little one (is it too early to get it a library card?!). (:

Me & the hosts!
the amazing cake that matches the nursery colors!
fearfully & wonderfully madethe super cute banner!

gifts 2

"aunt" Melbert & "aunt" Carolyn, THANK YOU for taking such good care of me and Baby M! Baby M sure does love you two already!

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  1. I'll get the library card for baby M ... I just need the name :o) teeheehee