November 24, 2014

month two | solomon


Solly Sol! You're TWO months old now! You are such a sweet little guy. I forgot how quickly you grow and learn and develop being this small, but you sure are growing and learning and developing! You consistently sleep about TEN hours a night (and I thought we were doing good with Amos sleeping about 5 hours at this age...kid, you're spoiling me) and are on a pretty consistent 3 hour schedule during the day. You've already outgrown your newborn clothes...I think you're definitely going to be tall. You can't wear anything with feet because your long legs can't stretch out when you do. 

You're very strong - you hold your head up and like to know what's going on like Amos did. You've also started smiling in response to us...oh boy, the crazy things mama will do for an ear-to-ear smile. You've spent a couple of weekends at the lake house and this past weekend picked up your very first new state (Georgia!). Unlike Amos, you ride very well in the car for the most part. Again, kid, you're spoiling me. Speaking of Amos, he really adores you little guy. I tell him frequently that you are going to be his very best friend, and I hope with all of my heart that you are (move over, Papa!). He already takes care of you and looks out for you. He knows that his job in the car is to tell me if "he's AWAKE!" or "he's sleeping," he shares his baths with you and likes to give you kisses before bed. Sometimes I even see him kissing your head when you're on the boppy or in your bouncer. You won't always want kisses from your brother, but it makes mama's heart so happy to see Amos loving you like he does. 

Solomon Mack, keep growing big and strong! 


  1. Goodness...tears! Sweet Solly & Moose, can't wait to see you soon. P.S. Stop growing at least until I get there.

  2. Megan! He is adorable :) I am so excited for you in this sweet sweet stage of children. The greatest thing for me has been watching my boys grow in relationship to one another. And just enjoying WHO THEY ARE. It is incredible to be able to watch these little boys develop at each stage and I know you are enjoying it to the fullest. I wish we could sit over coffee and just catch up! Though I love reading your blog and seeing you through instagram, there's so much more to be had face to face :)