July 2, 2015

month nine | solomon


Sweet, smily, Solly Sol!!! You, my littlest bud, are so sweet. You are growing like a weed, dude! At your 9 month appointment you weight 18# 4 oz and were 30" long (that's the 99%, in case you're wondering!) and impressed the doctor with your stubbornness in refusing to crawl. His bet (and mama's) is that you'll be walking within the next 4-6 weeks on your own! Bring it on! Walking laps with you holding on to our fingers is back-breaking! You also (still) have no teeth, but eat like a champ...pizza, waffles, bananas, avocados, ice cream - you name it, you love it. You can say "hot" and "uh oh," play "Where's Solly" with sleepy dog (you do this for attention if you're in a crowded room and no one is acknowledging you) and can drink from a sippy cup and straw. 

We have big things coming up this summer! Lake trips, beach trips, downtown dates - I can't wait! You're so easy and content. Keep growing big and strong littlest dude ... we sure do love you! 


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