August 9, 2015

month ten | solomon

month 10.5


Solly Mack, you handsome devil, I love you so. At 10.5 months you are ON THE MOVE! (hooray!) You scoot - but still refuse to crawl. Hey, you're moving by yourself, which is a win for mama. You want to walk so badly & do really well with a "walker." I'm betting in the next month or so you'll really get the hang of it.

This past month took you on your first vacation - to the Isle of Palms with the Martin / Johnsen crew! You loved the beach - the water, the sand ... all of it! I think you probably consumed your weight in popsicles while we were there. You also got bitten by something (I'm thinking some sort of sand flea) that has left about 5 marks on your sweet little back & chest. 

You like to babble, but mostly let Amos do all of the talking around here. You'll say "ma ma ma," "da da da," and "bye bye bye" and can wave! You still have NO teeth (are they in there!??) - but eat like you do! Pop asks how you eat pizza or sandwiches with no teeth...but you do! You love Greek yogurt, peanut butter, pizza, popsicles, ice cream, Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and fries. 

You are such a joy. We love what you bring to our family, sweet boy. You're making Amos a really sweet big brother. You're teaching him (and me and daddy) all kinds of things. You're laid back, but definitely let us know you're around. You have ridiculous hand-eye coordination & love to play with balls ( I love seeing your personality come out a little more every day. You're a fun little guy! We love you to the moon, Solomon & are thankful for you. Keep growing big & strong! 


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  1. that top photo is my favorite of him yet. sweet, sweet boy!