August 2, 2016

beach scenes | part i












we're back from a week at the beach with mimi, papa, mere & sweet may! amos loved the beach from the minute he could smell the salt air (he did not however like the drive...he didn't understand why we couldn't just fly) and solomon loved it once we left - he's asked multiple times since we've been home to go "to da beash." 

amos hated the "nasty sunscreen" and cried every.single.time we made him put it on. he knocked papa down at least 150x per day in the waves and then drug him back to the pool for some more bullying playing. he showed off his swimming skills and even acquired a pair of goggles from a sweet little girl at the pool. his new nickname is the energizer bunny because he had more energy than all of the adults combined. 

solomon didn't love the beach at first, but he watched amos and eventually liked playing in the sand with him. mike asked him the night we got home what he liked about the beach...his response: tidal pools, ice cream & sprinkles. (haha) he also loved watching kites, helicopters & airplanes and hated crabs (we saw 2 within a few minutes of each other...he came undone when the 2nd one started scurrying away). 

sweet baby ezra was just along for the ride. he got in the pool for the first time (it felt like very warm bath water) and got in the ocean too! he tagged along on the beach a few times, where he fell asleep to the sound of the waves & played on a towel under the umbrellas. 

huge thanks to mere & dp for the babiators! and to mimi & papa for letting me and the boys crash sans mikey for the week! 


  1. "solomon loved it once we left" hahaha. funny boy.

    love love love their haircuts!

  2. We sure missed you but sure looks like some great new memories were made! I could just eat those little dudes up!! Have fun in RI!! XO