August 22, 2016




reading: ummmmm, nothing. 

playing: Sister Hazel | Lift (in the white car) *flashback to high school // early college* 

watching: lightroom tutorials 

trying: to take advantage of the Patagonia 50% off sale & slay some Christmas shopping 

cooking: vegggggies for dinner // thanks for the fresh okra OD & Cat! 

eating: RX bars (new at Publix & Trader Joe's! whoop whoop!)

drinking: fresh pressed coffee (Trader Joe's extra dark blend)


calling: no one 

texting: haley & mikey 

pinning: light fixtures for the white house / fall ideas for things to do with the boys / new meals to cook for dinner

planning: our 7 year anni trip!! whoooohoooooo! 


crafting: Rust & Stardust necklaces! We're filling our largest order EVA! 

doing: photography 

going: "to da beash" --Solomon (so very soon) 

loving:  the slightest tinge of fall that's sneaking in to our days 

hating: that Amos hasn't felt himself now for a couple of weeks 

discovering: that Amos loves learning to write

enjoying: some really, really good girls time lately 

hoping: my leg is healed enough to get back in to running this week 

celebrating: finally moving stuff across the street (*Thank you Jesus!*) 


thanking: mikey for working so hard at the white house 

considering: reworking our budget 

finishing: editing pics 

starting: to really think on / plan Solomon's 2nd birthday party 


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