August 29, 2016

the martin band of brothers | august 2016

martin band of brothers | august 2016





You boys. You make me crazy and sane at the same time. I feel like that's probably how this is going to go with you three for the rest of my life. I love being home with you boys & spending our days doing ordinary things - Monday's are for grocery shopping, Thursdays are for community group (AKA sleepovers for you boys), weekends are for donuts & working on the white house.

I've loved watching your friendships grow over the past few months. Amos, you're a great big brother. You comfort Ez in the car when he's upset (which is always). You and Solly are sweet buds..typical brothers, but buds. I've loved catching sweet moments of you two playing in our (crazy messy) temporary house - you showing Solomon your nerf guns, both of you jumping from the coffee table to the couch, building forts in your bedroom. These are the moments that I want to bottle up and put on a shelf for years down the road. Ez, you're utterly fascinated by and enthralled with your two big brothers. You watch them with googly eyes and just enjoy being around them. They'll take care of you buddy. They may get you in trouble and get you to do crazy things with them, but they'll always have your back. I can't wait to see who you're going to be & what you're going to bring to our pack of boys.

Thank you boys for being flexible over the past year. We've moved a lot. I won't lie - it's been tough to move our lives that many times...even for your gypsy mama. We've packed and unpacked, settled and resettled. BUT, we've finally moved our stuff in to the white house (hallelujah, thank you Jesus!). It's still got a ways to go, but we're H O M E. Daddy and I are so excited for our family to be in this house and to keep growing our family here. I'm so excited for  you big boys to share a room and for Ez to eventually move in with you. I hope that you're one day as proud of this house as mama and daddy are. We can't wait for y'all to grow up here and for the memories that are to be made.

#martinbandofbrothers I love you. Plain & simple. Thank you for making our ordinary life an adventure, every single day.

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