September 20, 2016

litchfield | 2016







Things I want to remember from Litchfield:

the big boys sleeping in the closet (yep) 
one FULL day with daddy-o, splashing in the waves, flying kites & just being with his people
keeping Sadie girl 
lots of mid-day runs
Amos & M swimming for hours in the pool
Amos finally getting it (swimming) - he is now a proficient swimmer
Lee's. always a staple 

and, for kicks & giggles .. Litchfield, just a year ago. mike & i just commented that we want & need to remember the difference a year makes. amos running wild with hair flowing free last year...solomon not quite a year old. this year, amos' "mos-hawk" just as wild, solly's romper (he's a fit again this year) and sweet Ez, sporting that tongue that's too big for his mouth. 

Solly's been asking to go back "to tha beash" almost daily. Two weeks in a row seaside will do that to ya. I'm so glad our little people love "tha beash" as much as we do! 

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