September 29, 2016

Solomon turns TWO!!







Solly, DUDE!!! You're TWO!!! You woke up on your birthday to balloons and your very own cake for breaky thanks to OD & Cat! We took you to "the peanut place" (Five Guys) for lunch and then, to the zoo, for the very first time!! I'm not gonna lie - it started out rocky when you got your thumb accidentally smashed in the door by an unsaid big brother. It also didn't help that we were there during nap time, but we survived. 

You wanted to see the monkeys, but weren't impressed with them. You also didn't like the giraffes ("I don't want to see those.."). However, you really, really liked the trip to the zoo wasn't a total bust. (: 

1 comment:

  1. bahahahahaha "i don't want to see those." what a funny guy.

    (sometimes i feel like it may seem that i have a certain favorite of the #martinbandofbrothers....i promise i love them equally, there's just something about that solly. what a little lover.)