December 21, 2016




reading: Southern Living's Dec. issue 

playing: Sarah McLachlan (holiday) radio on Pandora 

watching: (still / always) Parenthood & we just started The Crown  

trying: to finish wrapping gifts (hmmmm i need some weird sized boxes!!!) 

cooking: still expanding my skillet / crockpot repertoire since we (still) can't use the stove 

eating: lots of Chick-Fil-A due to a lack of inspiration for the crockpot / skillet meals (see above) 

drinking: coffee & coke zero. also, back on the water + lemon oil + apple cider vinegar kick 


calling: mikey

texting: mikey (from my computer)

pinning: kid crafts // travel ideas for 2017

planning: 2017 


crafting:  Christmas crafts with the boys (and Amber, Haley & Ashton + their kiddos) 

doing: figuring out what I can buy online cheaper than in the store, grocery-wise. latest find: RX bars (use that link for $5 off!)  

going: to get Ez & Sollah-Roo passports(!) 

loving: being home 

hating: the cold weather 

discovering: that the boys really hate the cold weather as much as I do (sorry, Mikey) 

enjoying:  honey's homemade fudge 

hoping: to be able to get back in the gym after the New Year 

celebrating: Christmas! 


smelling:  Capri Blue / Volcano 

thanking: all of my 2016 Megan Martin Photography clients 

considering: what 2017 is going to look like for us  

finishing: last minute Christmas shopping 

starting: nothing at the moment (whew) 


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