December 29, 2016

merry merry | Christmas morning







Christmas morning 'round here is simple. The boys didn't really get into the swing of things until around 9:30 (don't kill me if your kids were up at 5:45AM ready to go!) ... just my style. If you've followed along for any time now, you know that we do 1. something to read 2. something to wear 3. something you need and 4. something you want. We also do a stocking that usually includes little treats & trinkety items. We definitely busted the $25 budget on the boys stockings since Mike and I were both shopping for them (separately). Oops. I may have also blown my $100 budget for Mike - just a little (because of the insane deal I got on his Garmin) - because he always blows the budget on me. Except, not this year. I made him promise he'd stick to it...that's how I roll. (: 

This year, for added fun, the boys each got to pick out a gift for mama & daddy. I had a great time directing the boys a little & letting them help me wrap their gifts when they came in. Mike got a red running shirt (from Solomon), the red version of the Darn Tough hiking socks (from Amos) and ingredients for an Old Fashioned (from Ez haha!). Can you tell the boys' favorite color is red? 

We took turns opening books and toys, clothes and treats. Mike & I got each other records in hopes of boosting our collection. I gave him 2 vintage paperbacks that I scooped up on our girls trip in Rhode Island (in August). Solly got a tub of dinosaurs, Moose got a new numbers / math kit, Ez got a Patagonia Capilene set. They all got new hooded towels that are super cute and fun (and soft). We did change the rules just a smidgen this year though (because I make them up as we go anyway) ... I'd been saving money from selling some of the boys old clothes on Facebook + doing photo shoots & selling our Rust & Stardust necklaces for a trampoline (!!) so they got a combined "want" in the form of a trampoline! Y'all. If you don't own a trampoline, sell all your stuff and go get one tomorrow! I mean it. They jumped for 5 (FIVE) hours on Christmas day. My house was quite. My kids were entertained, exercising and playing together outside. Merry Christmas to mama! 

I hope your days have been as merry and bright as ours have lately. It's always such a busy season that I try to just take it as it comes and to rest when it's over. These boys will only be small for a little while longer, and, while the magic of Christmas will always be there, it'll be different, I know. 

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