December 28, 2016

merry merry | a cousin Christmas







This year, Haley, Amber, Ashton & I decided to have a Christmas cookie + craft night for our kiddos instead of exchanging gifts. We liked the idea of giving them an experience instead of tacking more gifts onto their already massive piles. 

We kept it easy & ate Chick-Fil-A (I really should have stock in CFA we eat there so much) and then jumped right into decorating the cookies. We had sprinkles and colored sugar everywhere - definitely way more on the floor and on the kiddos than the cookies, but isn't that part of the fun!? After a 5 minute break for us to clean up the cookie plates we busted out the paint and ornaments. I hope that as our kids get older & we continue this tradition that it's something they can look forward to every year. 

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