January 20, 2017




reading: this blog + [about to start] present over perfect 

playing: burned CDs from high school & college 

watching: the last season of Parenthood / the new season of The Man in the High Castle 

trying: to stay awake while Mikey gets some work done (12:38AM)

cooking: about to cook all the things since the gas has been turned on at our house & i can use my stove(!)

eating: chick-fil-a all day, er' day it seems 

drinking: cooooffffffeeeeeee (current fav: Driven RX coffee) 


calling: no one

texting: mikey 

pinning: travel plans / house ideas 

planning: our february family vaca (!!)  


crafting: not exactly crafting, but i've started bullet journaling & am really enjoying it 

doing:  organizing / cleaning out Amos' side of the closet (putting away size 3T things until Solly needs them)

going: to Hobby Lobby for 2 drawer pulls when Ez wakes up 

loving: that it's been 65+ and sunny around here lately 

hating: tension over what's already been done 

discovering: sparkly water isn't too bad 

enjoying: being back at the gym (thanks mom for helping me make it happen!) 

hoping: all of our travel plans come to fruition in 2017

celebrating: new things in 2017 (more soon) 


smelling:  Capri Blue / Volcano & the fresh hyacinth from Trader Joe's 

thanking: former President Obama. I may not agree with him politically, but he was still my President and his job was not easy. 

considering: buying this ... don't laugh. i've nearly cut 2 fingers off this past week with our new knives (not exaggerating)

finishing: working on our taxes until I get the rest of the documents we need 

starting: to plan Ez's first birthday party (!!) 

[to the faithful, reward is certain]

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