January 16, 2017






Our first (and hopefully only) snow day this year brought about decent snow for downtown where we live...buuuuuttttt, we were in Fountain Inn after having spent the night with Honey because Mike was running from Asheville to Greenville on Saturday and our heat was out. Fountain Inn only received a dusting, but the boys didn't know the difference. They went to bed anxious for the snow & I honestly didn't think it was coming. (I was up at 3:45ish to nurse Ezra & there was not a drop of snow to be found.) I actually don't think it started until around 7AM and then it only lasted for a couple of hours and was barely enough to cover the ground. Yet, enough to put on all of our snow gear and to get outside & "play" for about 12 minutes. Y'all, if I'm being honest, I hate snow days. But, I hope they'll remember their excitement over wearing their snow gear, throwing snowballs at Mama (that Mama made), and jumping in the muddy puddle in Honey's driveway. 

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  1. these are so great! just something about snow in black and white :)