April 11, 2011

Enjoy the Photo-Dump (:

Friends, here are a few pictures since we haven't been able to add any since Gatlinburg, TN. These start in the Smokies and go through Hot Springs, NC.

The Smokies
our only view in the Smokies
excellent sunset view...a sea of clouds
[one of our only views in the Smokies]

Standing Bear Farm
the Standing Bear Farm Hiker Hostel
we stopped here for a snack [flat soft drinks, 2 packs of crackers, 1 pack of Nutter Butters, 1 Pay Day & 1 Snickers all for $5!]

Max Patch
Sunrise on Max Patch
[well worth the rainy night]

Max Patch
Again - Max Patch

first mail drop!
Our first mail drop in Hot Springs
[goodies from Honey, Mema, & our friends at Jack Porter]
Sock Brock waiting for dinner
Sock Brock waiting for dinner one evening


  1. I sent the package today to Damascus, VIRGINIA! Another state! Wow. Great progress, guys!! I'm lovin' Sock Brock. He's soooo cute. What'll you do when the real Brock arrives?

  2. We've gotta go back to Max Patch with the gang when y'all return......and feel up for a hike again ;) Love love love y'all and miss you two so very much! As for us, I'm studying like a mad-woman (Mc, this RD exam is going to be the death of me...EVERYTHING we learned plus gobs more on one dang test!) and Mike's staying busy with odd jobs around home. We're finishing up the final gearing up for our trip and getting more and more excited! We did backpack this past weekend up in Panthertown, and if y'all haven't been already we'll have to repeat that one too and hang while y'all do some climbing! Its pretty sick so get excited! Much love and prayers your way...keep on keeping on!

  3. Those pictures are amazing! I hope y'all are staying safe! Love you!