April 30, 2011

part two: photo dump

part two: photo dump

me & carson hikin'
me & Carson hikin'

settin' up the ENO
Carson & Mike settin' up his hammock

beautiful scenery

again..on the same property
again...on the same property

Mikey, Me & Carson enjoyin' the river

silly us!
Silly us (:

secrets (: at betsy's
Robins eggs at Betsy's

Betsy's barn
the barn at Betsy's

her garage & stained glass studio
sweet mess-up
sweet mess-up

us in front of the giant keffer oak
the Keffer Oak
each limb was a small tree in itself

the view from McAfee's Knob
the view from McAfee's Knob

sock brock enjoyin' the view at McAfee's Knob
Sock Brock enjoyin' the view

another shot
token AT picture
[parents don't worry--we only sat there long enough for the picture to be taken (:]

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  1. ah!!! The Robin's eggs are SO PRETTY!!! And the last pic with the view--definitely a framer!!! I am still in awe of y'all and hope you're hale and hearty and happy and many other positive 'h' words! :)