April 30, 2011

enjoy (:

Part One: Photo Dump

Erwin -- Uncle Johnny's Hostel
Mike & Me at Uncle Johnny's hostel in Erwin, TN
although we didn't stay here, we enjoyed loungin' on the porch with our trail friends!

most of our trail friends!
Trail Friends!
Back row: Sam, BattleCat, Over---> the top, Tree Frog
Front row: Burley, Greenlite, Malarky (from Ireland), Upstate & Caboose

Katahdin 1822 miles away
Miles to Katahdin: 1822
Miles to the Doller Store: 2 (:

Here's a shelter--since many of you are wondering what they look like
This one is actually new as of last fall, so it's very nice!

Baby David came to visit!
Baby David came to visit [with Matt & Amanda of course] (:
 love him

Cabin @ Roan Mt. State Park
The cabin Mimi & Papa rented in Roan Mt. State Park
[this was before we Red-Necker-ized it by stringing a clothes line across the whole porch]

washin' clothes (:
Washin' clothes the old fashioned way (: hahahaha ... since there were no W/D facilities at the state park we improvised. YUCK!

another shelter
Another shelter. This old barn was actually the back-drop for a movie in the '80s and was turned into a shelter for hikers.


This is Hazzard. The point of the picture was to show how much food he's eating. Look at all that stir-fry!!!!

friends at Kincora Hostel
Friends sittin' around at Kincora Hostel [owned by the famous Bob Peoples]
Long story short, we stopped by Kincora for lunch..but it was raining so we stayed [after only 4 miles]. Throughout the day about 18 more people trudged in soggy and cold from the rain. This little gem of a hostel was why we had to hike a 24 & 26 mile day back to back. But...I'd stay there again given the chance!

Walkin' somewhere between Kincora & Damascus


almost there! .. 26 miler!
Friends at Jack Porter this is for you (:
[since you requested more pictures of us..we'll try to be better about this!]

we made it!
26 miles later...we made it!
Interesting fact about the sign -- it's actually pretty famous -- Bryan Blevins made this sign as his Eagle Scout project & his sweet parents are the ones who took us in for our stay in Damascus (:

mail drop goodies!
Mail Drop Goodies
Shout-out to: OD & Cathy, friends at Jack Porter, Megan & BD Davis, Mimi (:

Sock Brock enjoyin' lunch
Sock Brock enjoyin' a lunch of Nutella & PB

lunch break
Lunch break!

snow. yet again.
White Top Mt.
[or, "snow...yet again"]

The Place -- Damascus (hostel)
"The Place"
a hostel in Damascus [where we stayed the 2nd night because of horrible weather]

Dad & Honey droppin Carson off
Dad & Honey droppin' Carson off in Damascus
We love visitors!

Mike pettin' the [not-so] wild pony
Mike petting the [not-so] wild, very pregnant pony

Carson's turn
Carson's turn

now my turn!
now my turn!

beautiful (:
she was a beauty!

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  1. So there are a lot of things that make us miss you, like...our morning coffee, baking, the Mac, sunny days, everything blooming, your Christmas card on our fridge, sour gummy worms, Cold Stone, dipping into the brown sugar housed in the jars you gave us for our wedding...but ONE of them is photo dumps!!! Makes us wanna reach our arms out and hug y'all! :) Redo on the phone call soon! We think about you guys every day and we're so so proud y'all are out there getting at living! :)