April 26, 2011

Virginia, the land of rolling "Narnia" hills, wildlife, & family

I'm sitting here in Pearisburg, VA with Mike & Betsy (Mimi's first cousin who has graciously taken us in) enjoying the late evening. Betsy picked us up this AM & brought us to her gorgeous, absolutely stunning home ... where its beauty is only rivaled by the beauty of the surrounding mountains. Mike talked to Mimi & described our time here perfectly...we've been engulfed by Betsy's hospitality! After she scooped us up, she let us tour the house & get cleaned up while she made us a good ole Southern BBQ lunch (including hand-pulled BBQ, pinto beans, potatoe salad, & slaw!). I think good cooks run thick on the Williams side (: We've also gotten to meet Larry, one of Betsy's dear friends. She described him perfectly, "the most colorful person we've met on the trail." He is an absolute trip...with a giant heart. He's even offered to take us back to the trail tomorrow after taking us to the post office. What an angel.

Now, let me back up. Last week, Carson (trail name: Jabbo) hiked 100 miles with us! Honey & Dad picked us up on Saturday @ Elk Garden & took us back to Damascus to hang out for the day before bringing us back for more hiking. We thoroughly enjoyed showing off Damascus as if it was our own town. We took Dad, Honey, & Carson to Quincy's for lunch ... longed around town, literally all day, dined at Dot's Cafe for dinner & hit the trail again around 7PM. Our week with Carson was an adventure for sure! It started with night hiking...2 miles up Mt. Rogers (the highest peak in VA). Let me just that I hate night hiking. We walked up a creek bed the entire way. Blah! After that we were in "wild pony country" - we only saw one (well, Mike saw more when he pulled water that AM, but they were all gone when we made it back up the hill...go figure). However, we have some great pictures ... we'll post ASAP, I promise! Out lack of ponies was made up for later in the week because we saw a baby black bear. Our last bit of wildlife for the week was a sweet little (probably rabid) racoon! Again, more pictures will come later! Sorry guys. Anyway, Carson finished his week with us near Bland, VA where Mom & Mema picked him up & took us all to lunch! Gas station buffet baby! (: We were so pumped & proud of Carson for beasting out 100 miles with us!

Now we're being carted around by Larry to scoop up some last minute supplies before we head back out for a big week before we visit Doug & Marlene in Roanoke! Bless you Larry, and a big thanks (:

I wanna give a shout-out Congrats to Courtney & Kenny on their engagement! (:

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