March 2, 2012

Grace CE Training Trip Photo Dump

Mike & I just got back late Wednesday night from our first mission trip since we've been married and our first trip with Grace Church. This was the first Culturally Engaged Training Trip that they've ever done and we were so blessed to be a part of this group. We were challenged in ways that we haven't been in a while - in ways that just don't happen at home, we laughed, we enjoyed great fellowship and worship, and we were educated / informed on the Culturally Engaged program at Grace. I tried to stay in Eleuthera, but alas, here I am - back in good ole SC. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip ... enjoy! (:

Thanks MFI!

leavin' on a WWII jet plane

headin' out

Me & Mikey!

co-pilot mike
quote of the trip, "man...look at that water"

(:gettin' it!

seal team 4 on dish duty
seal team 4 [plus tracy] on dish duty

our home
welcome to our home for the week!


big shell, little mikey
big shell, little mikey

sea life!school bus art

my buddy Jerves
me and my buddy Jerves

the cheering tigers
the cheering tigers! tracy & i were fortunate to have the all girls group!


until next time...

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