March 26, 2012

life as of late

Well, we finally got the washer and dryer moved into the laundry room. Sure, the laundry room still needs a light and we've got to figure out exactly where the machines are going to live [this is a tiny, tiny room]...but I can wash clothes at my own house! Can I get an "amen"?!  (: If we washed clothes at your house over the past 6 months please know that we greatly appreciate the use of your facilities!

We also got a driveway! We opted for crushed rock / gravel. While my heals still sink down into the gravel and I'm sure this will eventually ruin all of my work shoes, it is nice not to track mud into the house every.time.we.go.outside.



We've also been trying to get some of the odds and ends around the house finished. I've touched up the wall paint in the den, now all that's left is the trim. Wanna help?! (: Oh yea, and some furniture / decorations. I also primed the front bedroom door this weekend. It was a treat to get to wipe off the tobacco stains--yes, it literally had nicotine dripping down the door from how much smoke it was exposed to. [I'm sure this is very bad for our health...don't remind us.] The last "big" thing that's been done is the caulking of the nook. Now that that's finished, thanks to Papa, we can get the windows trimmed and prime it! Hallelujah - it's the last room that'll need to be painted! Yipppee!

primer on the guest bed room door

papa caulking the nook

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