September 17, 2012

Max Patch


mikey, me & baby M
This past weekend was one in the middle of about 3 months of busy weekends where Mike & I had no plans except to just be together. We'd talked earlier in the week about heading up to the mountains for the day and decided early on that we wanted to re-hike Max Patch. We hiked it about a year & a half ago while we were on the AT and with it being so close we thought we'd re-visit this little gem. Especially since last time we were there it was March and we got rained / sleeted on. We got up early (for us) on Saturday, loaded up Papa & Mimi's dogs, Clancy & Holly, and headed out (not without stopping at Chick-Fil-A for breakfast, though). We debated hiking a 12 mile loop from Lemon Gap, but with an impending storm on the horizon we settled for a 6 mile loop from the AT trail head at the bottom of Max Patch to the Roaring Fork shelter and back. The hike this time was much more enjoyable than the last. We had one pack, which Mike graciously carried with our lunch and water and a car waiting for us once we completed the loop. It did my soul good to be in the mountains (it's been quite a while since my last venture in the mountains). It is so rejuvenating and refreshing to get away from everything for a while & to remember how simple life can & should be.


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