June 20, 2016

a letter to my moose

[amos 3.5]


this. where daddy goes, mosie goes (... even off the roof on the dock)

 my sweet, sweet 'mos! you're so big. like SO big. you're smart and handsome and have just recently shown us your funny (not silly...not the same) side. you're so much like me in who you are it's sometimes frustrating. you're stubborn & sassy - something we're both working on. tame this & learn to use it wisely. these aren't "bad" qualities or traits, just ones that have a time and place for being used. you're also bossy. i think this comes with the territory of being the oldest, but you do not get to boss mama around. something else we're working on. (haha) you're a leader - solly looks to you like you hung the moon. remember this. he will always have your back - he's your built in very best friend (just like ezra - how lucky you are to have two built in very best friends!) and looks up to you in ways you can't even imagine. he's watching you and learning from you. be kind and gentle with him. his spirit is much like daddy's - gentler and softer around the edges than yours and mine. he'll guide you in ways you didn't know you needed guiding, he'll teach you things you didn't know you needed to learn. he's strong where you're weak (and vise versa). use each other to be stronger. love him always. ez too. i'm not sure how he fits in to the #martinbandofbrothers yet, other than knowing he'll think you and solly hung the moon. i can't wait to see you three take on this world together. i pray nightly for you three that you'll be warriors for The unseen Kingdom. that you'll stand strong together against the enemy...that you'll all know Jesus and live in a brotherhood that's stronger than flesh & blood. we're praying that y'all will be bent towards Jesus, never knowing life without Him. it makes our hearts smile big and wide when you guys ask for church music and proceed to sing along in the sweetest little voices.

you are a lover of learning - something i hope sticks with you as you start school in a couple of years. i hope you're always exploring and figuring things out. you're athletic and have a strong little body. your daddy and i have enjoyed watching you LOVE the water this summer. you're strong in the water - you just need a little courage and you'll be swimming in no time! you're hands down a daddy's boy & his shadow when he's not out making doll-hairs. you can't get enough of him. keep watching him and learning from him so you can grow up to be just like him.

moose, i love you little buddy. you'll always be my first little guy. i love being your mama, even on the hard days. one of my very favorite things to do is to climb into your bed after you're sleeping soundly and stroke your head, rub your back and hands, and to kiss your sweet cheeks. to tell you that i love you and that tomorrow is a new day. to pray that you'll sleep soundly and rest care free. thank you for being patient with me as i'm still (always) learning with you. mama and daddy are working on things that we see in ourselves that we don't like that are coming out in you (i.e. tone of voice, quick temper, etc). be gracious with us. keep helping us to be better.

you're growing so big & strong. know that mama & daddy are always on your team rooting for you!

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