June 6, 2016

month two | ezra

month two


Sweet baby Ezra! You're two months old and growing like a weed. At your 2 month appointment you weighed 11 # 12.5 oz (the exact same thing as Amos at this age) and were 24" long (longer than both of your brothers). Your face is looking a lot like baby Amos, according to most everyone who meets you, but your body is looking like Solly's - long and lean. Your hair is also like Solomon's was  when he was your age (brown) -- so I'm interested to see if you'll end up a blondie like the other two! 

You're pretty happy most of the time and you give mama the best smiles (they seem to "eat your face" they're so big). I think you've outgrown the colic-i-ness and are no longer crying for long stents at night (all the hallelujahs!). Amos and Solomon both love you. Amos sits in the middle in the car and any time you fuss he immediately takes to saying, "It's OK, Ez" about 100x. And yesterday I found Solomon lying with you on your play mat - just to be near you. I hope you know how much they love you, always. 

You're super content (I guess being number 3 behind two crazy big brothers leaves you no choice) and happiest when you're around others. You're sleeping pretty good at night - usually in 3+ hour chunks (2x now you've had 5-6 hour chunks!) & you're a great eater. So far you don't love tummy time & you sleep best on your side. You also like to talk to mama. I love holding you in my lap or cradling you in my arms & talking to you and having you talk back! I'm sure you'll have lots to say as soon as you have words!

You've also had your first taste of summer 'round here! We've loaded up and headed to the lake 2 weekends in a row now! You're just as happy on the dock as you are at the house! (Again, you just love being where the people are...) We haven't put you in the water yet, but soon wee one! 

Mama & daddy-o love you sweet boy. Keep growing big and strong! 


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